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Media Casting/Media Coaching

Brent Seltzer runs our media coaching and media casting program and takes a very different approach than those who offer courses on generic media training. 


Media Casting -- Often the CEO is the worst candidate to put out to the media.   Get out of the line of fire and let us be your casting director. 


We cast the people who have the best presence to tell the story in various age groups, gender and lifestyle, so the guest will look and sound more like the audience.  We’ll help you create a Speakers Bureau so you’ll have choices for the media to mix and match who goes best with which media outlet. 


Media Coaching -- It’s about specifics, not generics.  Unlike super market rack-jobbed panty hose, one size does not fit all.  We allow for this by coaching you for the media you’re about to face, just as an athletic coach would have the team practice for the next team they’re going to play. 


We’ll show you samples of the media you’re facing and give you specific direction for tailoring the message to that specific audience.  Taking this approach is particularly important in crisis management.   You can’t hide from the media and a strong Speakers Bureau gets you out there fast to every audience so you can tell them; what went wrong and what’s being done to fix it.


Presentation Coaching  --  This is a combination of speech writing and speech presenation coaching.  We look at the size of the venue, the nature of the audience and the timing of relevant current events.  No single speech is worth reciting verbatim time after time.  We vary the material and the presentation without missing the message or the key points.  We help you set the policy and writing guidelines that allow your people to take control of the situation.