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Brent Seltzer Still At Large

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Brent Seltzer has been a staple of radio commentary excellence (OK, maybe more like a paperclip) but the point is, after much too long of an absence, and despite the best efforts of some in management, he's back!

Brent's latest thoughtful commentaries are based on his total lack of respect for all things that are ...well, all things.  A registered independent with no party affiliation, he's no political shill.  All right, he's been to the big political parties, but the food wasn't that great and you can't sway him with a no-host bar.

Brent comments on anything and everything that he truly believes is journalistically relevant or strikes his intellectual and aesthetic sensibilities...or just pisses him off.  He's heard it all...and said it all from ABC Radio and Mad Magazine in New York to KGB in San Diego and KZLA in Los Angeles.  Now, after being the honoree at too many 'surprise' retirement parties, he's back on the air at KSRO in Santa Rosa, CA and looking for more stations to profit from his thoughtful commentaries. 

So, if you're looking to add that perfect two minute segment in drive time that generates water-cooler conversation with listeners on Talk Radio, All News or Rock & Roll, here's good news for your audience growth and bad news for those schmucks across the street...

Brent Seltzer is still at large...

Check out this link and hear the latest commentaries on KSRO. 

And if your favorite radio station doesn't have Brent Seltzer Still At Large, call them and make harsh demands...and email them this link.

(To really have some fun, tell them you just got one of those little PPM thingies).