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According to Meg McDonald, APR “In all the years that I have been doing publicity and public relations, I have yet to get a client who says to me, let’s do PR…just for fun.”   The goal is making your phone ring!  Positioning you in such a way as to make it easy for the targeted audience to believe they’ve made a grass roots discovery of…You!  Your Business!  Your Goals!  This is our ‘Prime Directive’ of good public relations.   (We were going to open with one of those long, gussied up pages filled with professional buzzwords that impress you, without having any real meaning.  But we couldn’t get past the sound of ourselves laughing out loud...)

By the way, we're doing some PR for our own good health.  We quit smoking.  Take a look at our LIFESTYLE STUFF page and see how it's going with our 9 YouTube Webisodes. 

Take A look! 

You'll find watching our pain...is such fun!